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Activities/Offers of the fan club


general :

  • Fan Club Magazine, 4 times a year (seasonal edition)
  • Exclusive merchandising articles "fans4roger" in the membershop f4r - for members only
  • Offers in collaboration with the Roger Federer Foundation (i.e. the RF-Cap or the Roger-calendar)
  • General Meeting in April
  • fans4roger Fan Club Day, one a year (if possible with Roger)
  • Fan-Meetings in Switzerland
  • exclusive Ticket-Offer for the Swiss Indoors Basel
  • Ticket Offers for other tournaments with participacion of Rogers for Halle 09
  • Ticket Offers for Davis Cup if in Switzerland and with Roger
  • Watching Grand Slam Finals or Davis-Cup ties which involve Roger, together with other fans
  • Possible Reception(s) for Roger Federer when returning to Switzerland

detailed :



As usual, about a month before, members will receive the invitation for events by newsletter. Fan meetings are highlighted in blue with general meeting(s) in red and the DavisCup in green. 

It is important to register within the deadline indicated, which not only saves us from a lot of work but more importantly guarantees your participation, as all registrations received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Furthermore, as and when required, we ask you to please use the relevant registration form. By doing so your registration will reach the right person at the right time. Thank you very much for your help in making this registration process run smoothly!


Invitations to watch a grandslam final together will be sent as soon it is known for sure that Roger will be one of the finalists!


As you can see, we will once again be offering you some great ticket offers.  It is therefore worth keeping your eyes open from now on in order to secure the tickets you want!
Important:  Please note!!

It is absolutely vital that you order your tickets via the fans4roger membershop. Only by ordering your tickets in this way will your order be valid.

Important!! Orders made by e-mail after the deadline has passed will not be accepted. [The work not only for us in the back ground but also for the organizer where we get the tickets from is just to much. Thank you very much for your understanding].



Further information can be found once you have logged in as a member in the memberzone - under Events. Changes / Additions are always possible.


Please use the contact form activities or send us a mail if you have any questions.

We wish you a lot of fun at the various events and very much look forward to meeting many members there!

Doris, activites fans4roger


RF Foundation Caps - current models

white/red, black/red

order now in our Membershop f4r

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We ask you for your understanding.

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